Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Fly Cruising

Adding air fare on to the cost of your cruise  vacation can be a little costly, unless of course you don't fly at all! There are lots of cruise ships that sail out of ports other than Miami or San Juan particularly if you're headed for the Caribbean, Bermuda or the Bahamas. On the west coast several cruise lines sail to Hawaii and Mexico.

There are ships that regularly sail out of New York City and Brooklyn NY, New Orleans LA, Baltimore MD, San Diego CA, Boston MA, Norfolk VA, San Francisco CA, and many more, to several popular destinations.

Visit my travel site to see which cruise ships are headed to an exotic location from your home town. You can book your cruise vacation now with just a few mouse clicks!

Happy Cruising!
Sondra Carpenter
Pack Your Bags Travel


  1. It sure is! Under Categories click on cruise to see my post on the Enchantment of the Seas. That baby weighs in at 80 TONS! The size and engineering of these ships is amazing.


  2. One of my questions is always ... Is there a sauna or steam bath at this facility?

    Nothing beats being able to end a day with a sauna session.