Friday, August 5, 2011

Share Your Dream Vacation

OK, folks it's time to share. Let us know what your dream vacation is. This is the place or group of destinations that you've always thought about going to and maybe thinking you'll have to wait until you retire. And don't tell me about the typical family vacation spots, either. Want to hear about the destinations that make your eyes glaze over when you watch the Travel Channel or flip through magazines. You know what I mean! And if you've never thought about that dream destination then now's the time! Close you're eyes and imagine where you'd like to go.
Need a little help? For fun take our poll below, vote once, please. If you voted for "Something Totally Different" then comment at the end of this post on what your dream vacation is. Whatever selection gets the most votes will get more coverage on the blog which means I'll post more related travel details.

Want to just share any of your travel stories? You can also post your comments here.

I have many dream vacations on my list, this picture is from one of them. This shot I took in Marrakesh, Morocco in the medina (walled city), at one of the vendor's spaces.

You'll be hearing more about my dream vacations, too, so visit again soon!

Sondra Carpenter
Travel Consultant


  1. My dream destination is Thailand! I’ve heard so much about the beaches, food, festivals, and nightlife. I have many friends who have visited Thailand and claim it was a fantastic vacation. I would like to see the variety of landscapes like beaches, hills, and jungles. I’ve heard a few things to be cautious about in Thailand. Apparently there are conservative laws regarding religious customs, marijuana, and airport customs that are important to know. I have a friend who got into legal trouble in Thailand and had to find a Thailand lawyer to help him out. He reported that the legal services offered to foreigners in Thailand are good. He avoided serious penalties. Every destination has laws that tourists should be aware of to stay out of trouble. Despite a few warnings that I’ve heard about Thailand, I would still say that the “Land of Smiles” is definitely my dream destination.

  2. My dream Destination is Morocco.Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Morocco also represents some famous and beautiful destinations and places which are quite popular for visiting. It is also famous for an ancient ruins and architecture, exceptional beaches and desert landscapes. You will find colorful markets, attractive bazaars along with exotic spices and treasures.
    One of the most interesting places in morocco is the Sahara desert for visit. It is the world's largest desert.

  3. The shot on this post is from the tour I did in Morocco. I stayed at the Atlas Medina and Spa in Marrakesh, beautiful hotel! I'll be sharing more pics and travel stories about that vacation soon.


  4. My dream destination is Spain. From my childhood i have a desire to visit Spain. But i can't afford for a travel trip to Spain because it costs so much for me. I belong to a lower middle class family but start collecting money for my Spain travel. Wish that one day i will explore Spain for sure. Hope for the best.

  5. I would love to go on a tour to Europe. Its one of my travel destinations. There is so many things to do there and so many beautiful spots, infact one of the best in the world. Go on a scuba diving, take a kiyaking, Sky diving, get to the alps and endless adventures to try out. Wish i would go there soon if i am rich enough!


  6. I wanna go Goa trip with my friends ...because Goa is really a wonderful place...its famous for beautiful waterfalls, blue sandy beaches and hills ...

    I have deep interest in writing informative articles on Travel and Tourism India, also given my words to a portal for Goa Tour