Monday, September 19, 2011

Riding Cable Cars In San Francisco

When I lived in the Bay Area of California one of the things I really enjoyed was riding the San Francisco cable cars. I'm sure you've seen many movies with the famous panoramic scene of the Powell-Mason cable car where it seems almost perched at the top of Russian Hill. You can see the magnificent view all around of the Pacific. Breathtaking! And yes...people do actually hang on the sides from the poles! San Francisco is very easy to get around by public transit, which is recommended particularly if you're not accustomed to driving up and down very steep hills. Currently the charge for riding the cable cars is $5.00, but you can also purchase day passes called Passports. They provide unlimited travel on different modes of transit in addition to the cable cars.
To visit The San Francisco Cable Car site click here. There are 3 cable car lines, 2 that go to different parts of Fisherman's Wharf. The other goes through downtown, east to west. So go through them all, there's a lot going on in San Francisco. Check out this site for 20 things to see and do while you're there. 

Been to this amazing city yet? Feel free to comment below on what you enjoy about San Francisco!

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Sondra Carpenter
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  1. Nice and thanks for the information. San Francisco travel must be fun. I have heard much on San Francisco. It is also a business hub. It has some of the best beaches too. Wish to be there soon.