Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carnival Cruise Has A New Ship With Old Traditions

The Carnival Breeze is coming soon! That's the newest addition to the Carnival fleet of cruise ships. It's scheduled to be ready for sailing by June 2012. They are still working on the ship while it is in wet dock. The interior design work will begin soon. What I find fascinating about cruise ships is the old ceremonial practices that are still part of modern sailing. For instance for Carnival Breeze there was a coin ceremony which is an ancient seafaring tradition. A custom made coin, which symbolizes good fortune, gets welded to the upper deck. This is to bring together the shipbuilders and Carnival Cruise Line.

I'll be posting more about the features of the ship as it gets closer to it's sailing date.

I've been on a cruise and it was a wonderful experience. Sometimes just sitting out on the deck and watching the endless horizon was special, so peaceful and relaxing. I've become so interested in the engineering and history of the ships and sailing ever since.

Been cruising? Feel free to comment below and share your experience.

Sondra Carpenter
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  1. Great picture. Wish i could go on a cruise someday just like that with the sun setting down in the sea. It will be such an exciting and wonderful time of my life. Thanks

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